Many of us who choose to go into the nursery business have come about it through a sense of desperation to do something with fruits of our labors; too many seedlings, too many cuttings, too many plants that have outgrown their designated spots.


This is partly the case  with us, but more than that it is a fascination with the plant world - the rare, the bizarre, the beautiful, the unlimited shade of green, the rich color blends, the sculptural quality of a conifer, a hosta leaf, a rodgersia, or an iris.


The life of a gardener-nurseryman–plant explorer is, at it’s best, a blending of art, science, and pure fun. Add to this a smattering of geography, geology, and a healthy hike on a mountain path and it becomes a life-long pursuit. The more we learn, the more we see that there is to learn.


We at Collector’s Nursery are always on the outlook for elusive botanical treasures. Some come from our own expeditions to wild places, some come from the exchange of seed from around the world, and some from other plant collectors. We see no end to it, and we hope that this will lead to many years of plant offerings and developing relationships with other plant lovers.  






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